You’re a passionate, hardworking leader or manager of a social-profit organization and you’re looking for timely, relevant information and skills-building opportunities to make you more effective in your work and create fundraising outcomes that are achievable and impactful.  You’re frustrated with the “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to resource development and are looking for a structured approach to securing the funding your organization needs.

Results-Driven Resource Development (RDsquaRD) is a training component of Ankhacia Enterprises, LLC that addresses those very needs and issues.  As creator and principal trainer, Dianne Thomas provides the information that builds the skills that help leaders of organizations craft easily-implementable resource development programs.

Dianne believes in empowering nonprofit/social profit organization leaders and managers at all levels to build raving fans by involving everyone in the organization in the advocacy and acquisition activities that will build morale, give direction in planning and help establish a strong foundation that fosters confidence with everyone in the organization—from community members to the board of directors.