PurposeBuilders Coaching and Consulting

Program Overview

The PurposeBuilders (PB) Coaching and Consulting program is structured for nonprofit executives and leaders looking for coaching and consulting on the varied areas of nonprofit resource development (Nonprofit RD) and fundraising included in the RYB model for sustainable resource development outlined in my free eBook, “Fundraising in Primary Colors: The RYB Framework to Nonprofit Sustainability”.

In addition to creating vision, mission and value statements, building your development team, and creating your story, PurposeBuilders Coaching and Consulting helps clients create a comprehensive resource development program, from fundraising preparedness to campaign evaluation.  Clients can select packages that fit into their budget and resource development needs, from full RD support that establishes a manageable system year after year, to the PB JumpStart programs, designed for clients who need quick wins in achieving their resource development and fundraising goals.


Special project assistance to do anything from jump-starting a fledgling annual campaign to helping you and your board facilitate a conversation on starting a new program.  The strategies and tactics you need to employ in executing your resource development plan can be varied and extensive depending on what your objectives are.  Quick wins are essential in keeping fundraising momentum and having an extra pair of hands to get something started or finished can help you achieve that. Elements of each plan’s features can be customized to fit your needs.

These services require the completion of an application, a FREE 30-minute consultation/recommendation and a signed agreement with scope of work deliverables and mutually-specified responsibilities.

Benefits of PB Jumpstart

  • Learn resource development fundamentals

  • Achieve a stable foundation for launching a fundraising program

  • Build a strong resource development team

  • Know what funders expect from your request

  • Create clear vision, mission and values statements

  • Learn how to write compelling stories

  • Get ready to apply for grants

  • Gain the confidence needed to lead a professional organization

  • ...and much more


Payment arrangements are available only on the 12-hour and 24-hour plans in the form of 2 installments.  Payment of the first installment of $325 or $600 respectively, must be made upon receipt of a signed agreement before work commences.

Contact Dianne Thomas at http://www.dmariethomas.com/contact/ to learn more and get started!

The Purpose Builders Jumpstart Plans

6-hour PB Jumpstart

(bonus: 1 hour free consult) value = $750, discounted to $199!

Choose from among these special-project features:

  • Basic crowdfunding strategy planning or

  • Funder research and letter of inquiry

stack of 20s.jpg

12-hour PB Jumpstart

(bonus: 1 hour free consult) value = $1,500, discounted to $650!

Choose from among these special-project features:

  • Board development or assessment including review of involvement, skills sets, preliminary development committee list building


  • Group facilitation – focused conversation/consensus workshop on topics like, mission, vision, value statement development, etc.

Photo Credit: Deborah Johnson

Photo Credit: Deborah Johnson

24-hour PB Jumpstart

(bonus: 1 hour free consult) value = $3,000, discounted to $1,200!

Choose from among these special-project features:

  • Advanced crowdfunding strategy planning and marketing materials creation


  • Proposal development: research, including case statement/statement of need, program goals and objectives, project design, project evaluation, funding sustainability, budget and budget narrative


  • Action/visioning planning for organizational management and program development or

  • Action/visioning planning to develop strategies for RD programming such as crowdfunding, special events, individual giving campaigns, communications, grants, etc.