Greetings and welcome! 

I'm Dianne M. Thomas and I help nonprofit leaders and executives create sustainable resource development programs so their missions can have effective outcomes on their communities. Also, as a Certified High Performance Coach, I teach professionals in any field how to amp up their clarity, energy, courage productivity and influence so they can get the more they want in life.

·         Personal responsibility:

I believe that I have a responsibility to myself and everyone I come in contact with to bring my best self to any interaction, take ownership of my role in that interaction and hold myself jointly accountable for the outcome. 

·         Continuous improvement:

I believe that while I am no better than anyone else must always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

·         Lifelong learning:

I will never stop being curious because when I stop learning, I stop living.

My aim to demonstrate these beliefs through the content I provide on this website. It will be the nerve center for all my communications, a place where you can learn about nonprofit resource development, organizational management and high performance coaching strategies.  This is how I serve so please let me know what you’d like to see and how I can improve it to better meet your needs.